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(66 customer reviews)

Glimpse of GURU Trigger Notes

After going through the advantage and Disadvantage of Live and Recorded, Genique Come up with the one stop solution for GATE Aspirants which include all the advantage of Live and Recorded with top notch content & features.

GENIQUE GURUKUL 500 is one of the best course in GATE Industry at affordable rates, designed with outstanding content covering the complete syllabus along with Incomparable Gurukul Features. The Aim of the GURUKUL Batch is to give top notch Ranker in the upcoming GATE exams by providing high quality content and guiding the aspirant day & night in order to enhance the level of their preparation. We are allowing only 500 Students to enter in to GURUKUL Batch this year.


  • PENDRIVE: We will dispatch the course in 1TB Hard Disk via Speed Post.This requires one time internet at the time of player registration. After that you can watch the video offline.
  • G-DRIVE: We will send you the google drive link to download the content. This requires high speed internet to download. After download, you can watch it offline.
  • VOD: All the videos will run on Genique Learning App. This required internet to play the video. Also you can download the video in App and play it offline.
  • WINDOWS: Laptop/Desktop with minimum Intel Core i3 Processor & 4GB RAM required to play the video.
  • ANDROID: Mobile having minimum 3GB RAM & Android 6.0 & above required to play the video
  • GENIQUE LEARNING APP: This app is compatible with Android Mobile.



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  1. Effective Utilisation of Time in a day:
    • Flexibility of Time
    • Flexibility of Speed
    • Saving more time for concept application
  2. गुरु ASSESSMENT of Each Chapter
      *We focus more on above points because this is the main reason of failure in GATE
    • Morning Charge Up by teachers (Daily Task)
    • Maintain your Regularity
    • Maintain your Discipline Consistency
      *Focusing more as it enables you to Achieve Rank 
  4. गुरु TRIGGER NOTES:
    • Crisp Concepts
    • Mind mapping through flow charts
    • Crisp concepts based problems
      *Focusing more as it enables you to recall all concepts on regular basis.
  5. G–OPTIMUS 3.0
    • Upgraded version of G – 2.0 but we cannot reveal its features now
    • It enables you to boost your rank in GATE exam
    • Note: Kindly remember you are not paying for G-Optimus. It’s free for Gurukul Aspirants
    • Hardcopy + Softcopy booklet having 2000 plus questions
    • 1000 + hrs. Previous year recorded lectures.
    • 300 + hrs. Live session for concept boosted + revision
    • Online fb group for doubt solving (ONLY GENIQUE PROVIDE THIS FEATURES)
    • GATE 2023 online test series
    • GATE PYQ BOOK EE VOL- 01 & VOL – 02 for EE students & VOL-01 FOR EC & IN
    • Per month student feedback for their problem related to their issues with Genique support system

Features of Genique Video Player (Only for PEN-DRIVE & G-DRIVE Course)

    • Internet is not required to play the video
    • Recorded Lectures have resolution of 720p HD
    • Playback Speed in Recorded Video (1x / 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x)
    • Forward Backward Option
    • Play/Pause Option.

Features of Genique Learning App (Only for VOD Course)

    • Playback option during live session
    • Live Session according to schedule. If missed, you can watch the recorded one.
    • You can watch the recorded video (like YouTube) for that internet is a must.
    • Different Resolution (240p / 360p / 540p / 720p) in Recorded Video
    • Playback Speed in Recorded Video (1x / 1.5x / 1.75x / 2x)
    • Video Downloadable Option in course. You can watch it online.

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66 reviews for GURUKUL 500- ELECTRICAL

  1. Ojasvi

    Simply Brilliant ❣️❣️.

  2. Subhadeep Deogharia

    Awesome 👌

  3. Rahul kumar

    superb se bhi upper hai ye yrr …mst mja aaya iss course me join krke abhi tk hum log 1 subject ”network'” complete kiya Pankaj sir and Sohail sir ne pdhaya super concept diya mja aa gya…..sbse mst live revision with trigger notes sara pdha hua tips pe la deta hai ……ye mera view hai

  4. Swagata Banerjee

    Today is the 38th day of the gurukul batch network theory got finished.
    2 assessment has been done.
    Sohail sir and Pankaj sir took the network theory, they have given their best. The content and quality, doubt clearing session is top-notch.


    Hello sir,
    Mai GURUKUL 500 Ka student hoo.Or currently mai 4th yr ka student hoon.Aaj mere batch me Network Theory khatam hua hai . Or confidence abhi se hi ek alag level ka hai.

    Tq pankaj Shukla sir And Sohail ansari sir.or haa sohail sir se milne ke baad mujhe TIME ka value pta gurukul me sirf padhai hi nhi hota yha problem jhelna bhi sikhya jata hai jis se personally mai bahut khush hoon.Ab mai apne aap ko ek focused student bol sakta hoon.Again tq pankaj Shukla sir And Sohail ansari sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Ankit dixit

    Abhi tak ki preparation me jo missing tha wo iss gurukul course ne pura kardia ham average bache koi bhi course me guidance ar mentor ki support ke bina bht peeche reh jate he, but gurukul me mene asa mehsoos kia ki wo purani pratha jo ki bht karigar thi student ar bacho ke beechka bond wo yha pe dikha ar jistarah pehle hmi purane teachers hme ek ek concept ke sath me apne guidance me padhate the wese hi yha padhaya jara he ar network theory ka experience bht hi best tha each and every topic was crystal clear and the fb doubt session is next level chahe ratke 12 bje bhi doubt ho even if you are doing bad in your personal life the mentors will help out in gurukul every morning you will be charged up with great positive energy which will bound you to study harder and enjoy you day to day mission and after achieving your daily task you will feel great .

  7. A.V.Manikanta Sai

    Today’s aspirants are good with concept as the number of attempts improve
    we will also be good at making promises to study everyday atleast 4 hrs or 5hrs
    but the main task is to implement whatever we promised to ourselves
    This is where we need discipline
    Gurukul 500 batch focuses more on the discipline and implementation part
    I’m done with 40 day journey out of 350 days with gurukul batch, and i can literally see wherever i’ve improved………. may it be in concepts, may it be in problem solving, may it be in following the strict schedule.
    The team is standing on their word and every student is very very proud of their work, their work is actually motivating us to sit and study.
    Thank u Pankaj sir and Sohail sir for your wonderful effort for ur students
    Waiting eagerly for further journey with Chandan sir and others
    Kuch thoi ban ke hi niklenge iss batch se …….har ek student ka waada hai ye

  8. Udai Singh

    Gurukul is a complete package comprising of discipline, punctuality and consistency. The Network Theory course taught by Pankaj Shukla Sir and Sohail Sir is superb❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. The trigger notes and live revision is compact and to the point which help a lot during revision. The assesment part provide the weakness and way to improve it. Gurukul is the best best best course in Gate Industry🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  9. Faiyaz

    The network content is at next level .The way of dealing of questions done by respected pankaj sukla sir and shoial Ansari sir ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
    The number of all possibilities attached with each question provides 360° to every concept
    I really really thanks you ❣️ pankaj sir and shoial sir❤️🔥❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥🤲🤲🤲🤲^^^^^^^^🤏🤏🤏


    I am in the first batch of gurukul-500 and as I have completed the network subject that is awesome and unique Pankaj sir and sohail sir are extremely fabulous I have never seen this type of content and I am damm sure that I have made the best investment of my life by purchasing gurukul course . And this type of effort needs infinite stars.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    I am Gurukul EE Batch 1 Student. We just completed our first subject Network Theory. And it was so brilliantly taught by Respected Pankaj Sir and Sohail Sir.
    Trigger Notes with live revision are awesome.
    By assessment we identify our weak parts and rectify them.
    Gurukul is just not like GATE coaching batch it is a family.
    It just not give us GATE knowledge but also taught us to fight against our problems.
    Like Pankaj Sir say ‘Problem tumhari hai Ro mat uska solution nikalo or problem se picha chhudwao’

    GURUKUL is one of the best superb Batch ever in GATE industry and I am a part of this family.

  12. Sharvan sinha

    I think Gurukul batch is one of the best structured course for gate exam in history. After complete network feeling is awasam. In this course teacher is also to much motive and available 24*7 for students query and doubt solving. Once again thank you so much genique team for design this course. Content, Guru trigger notes, Assesment every thing is perfect. I think many ranker are from Gurukul batch.

  13. Prince Menon P


  14. Bhupendra Pandit

    GURUKUL is the ultimate course ever created in Gate industry. I am Gurukul batch 1 student and I can proudly say that I am one of the first member of this course. The course is made in such a way that If you follow it truthfully, you will get under 100 rank in GATE garuntee. Like within 30-40 days all my old habbit has gone and I wake up early in the morning to attend the class and through out the day feeling superb energetic. Right now one subject Network Theory has done by Pankaj sir and Sohail sir and within 38 day I am feeling confident in the subject like never before. The teachers are always there to solve our problems and everybody is so much attentive.
    My dream is to get AIR 1 in GATE and I am now feeling confident that I will get it by consistency, dedication and hard work with GURUKUL batch. ❤️❤️ #GATE2023 #GURUKULWarrior. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Shripriya Arya

    To opt Gurukul 500, is the best decision I consider, as I am a dropper and need to learn from the basics/depth alongwith complete guidance, all my requirements related to the gate preparation has been covering here, every day’s charge up session giving us immense mental strength to stick to our goal , no matter what the circumstances are, every single doubt is being cleared. Trigger notes and live revision are one of the best feature of this batch as it helps to summarise all concepts in one go and yes the teaching pattern 😁😁😁it makes us feel so connected to the faculty , they listen to all our doubts no matter how silly the doubts are they reply and guide and treat each and every student equally, no favorism and no extra attention to a particular , all students are equally treated. All in all one this batch has everything a student needs.🥳🥳🥳


    Gurukul is the best best course in Gate industry ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥 incomparable


    Incomparable course in gate industry ❤️🔥🔥❤️❤️🔥🔥❤️🔥❤️

  18. Jeet

    Recently I have completed my network subject from…. From gurukul batch(Electrical Engineering) which has Been designed two part… Dc ckt & AC ckt which has been taught by Pankaj sir and Sohail sir….. Both are really best teacher, I have met ever…. because the way they made their presentation of content delivery throughout the lectures it was awesome….. After watching the concept very less doubt will remain however remaining doubt can be completely taken through live Facebook group…. Teachers are very keen to remove your doubts… At given time…. So far My journey has been completely wonderful with genique teachers & and its team…. I hope it will help you guys whoever in sceptical to join the genique education for GATE…. Believe me you will not regret at all…. That’s my side.


    Mai GURUKUL 500, BATCH-01 Ka Student hu. Aaj mera Subject Network Theory Khatam hua hai wo bhi 38 Din me Aur Full Confidence ke Sath. Ab Question Practice Karta hu to Main Full Concidence ke sath Question ko Solve kar leta hu. Ha ek Aur bat Pankaj Shukla Sir and Sohail Ansari Sir ka Padhane ka Tarika ekdam Super se bhi Uper hai.
    Pankaj Shukla Sir & Sohail Ansari Sir ka TRIGGER NOTES, Live Revision and Mind Map Revision se NETWORK THEORY par Pura Achha Tarika se Command ho gya hai.
    Aur Sabhi Chapter ka Live Assesment bhi bahut Achha se hota hai
    GURUKUL me Aane ke Bad GATE 2023 Achha se Fod Denge
    Tq Pankaj Shukla Sir And Sohail Ansari Sir.
    Mai Bahut Khush Hoon. Ab Mai Apne Aap ko Ek Focused Student bol Sakta hoon. Again tq Pankaj Shukla Sir And Sohail Ansari Sir.


    HAME PROUD HAI KI HUM GURUKUL 500 KA STUDENT HAI…………………………………………………………………

  20. Debanita Nandi

    It has been more than a month that the students and the gurus are giving their 100% effort for GATE2023! The genique team is with the students 24×7 to solve all the type of doubts whether its regarding studies or technical issues. Network theory for the batch 1 is completed and the journey was awesome, and we are eagerly waiting for the next subject to start. Our day starts with guru daily mission where we get our daily task along with the energy boosts from our guru. They charge us for the day and keeps on reminding and motivating through fb group. Thats not all, they even end the day with fb live session where the guru interact with us not only regarding our problems relating to the subject but also gives us emotional support so that we can continue our effort and dont ever get demotivated and depressed. They also present you trigger notes for all the chapter and live revision session after completion of all chapters. Not to forget the assessment and the analysis along with it. If you are ready to give your 100% but keep on getting distracted please join gurukul, it will help you to be on track and will help you in many ways that will beneficial in the path of the journey of the Gate preparation.

  21. Aman Shishir

    Genique Gurukul course is awesome 👌. I can see significant amount of improvement in my preparation. Today Network Theory has been completed by Pankaj sir and Sohail sir ,they have given their best in whether it is Course content,Revision session & Doubt clearing session. Superb effort👌 👍👍❤


    Jai hind sir,
    First of all thank u so much Pankaj sir and Sohail sir for so hard effort by giving ur day and night for us and being always available for any doubts and issues and also gets resolved withon a minutes.
    And sir bass yahi bolna chahata hu ki gurgukul course lene se pehle m chizo ko itne achche level m kabi bhi nhi pada aur nahi concepts ko kabhi implement kar saka and best part yeh ki sir aap dono se mein itne achche se connect hota hu ki lagta h ki aar aap koi bhi subject lenge toh mehnat karne se kuch bhi kar sakte h…
    Aur bhi bahut kuch bolna h par sir just felt s blessed…
    Thank u very much to both my Guru’s.

  23. B.k Dani

    I invested about 1 month with Gurukul till now. My experience is fabulous, i completed network theory and feeling it developed strong roots for next 11 subjects along with that Guru trigger notes play very important role to memorise concepts and important formulas. I never seen such type of idea of “Gurukul” in this era, and as i feel Gurukul is not only the name, it completely defines Gurukul Prampra. I am very happy to be a part of first batch of Gurukul and very thankfull, who bring this fantastic idea into the real world nowadays ❤❤❤❤❤❤


    This batch is just awesome for GATE preperation . We have just completed network theory and the efforts respected teachers are putting to make concepts of each and every student clear , is just unbelievable . Forever grateful ❤️

  25. Vikas kumar

    One of the best ❤️ in gate industry. No one is better than this course.

  26. Ramjeet pal

    Recently i have completed network from GURUKUL BATCH -1 ,my experience has been wonderful till now …..before joining i was not sure about it because i was not aware of that kind of platform existing in this competitive environment….i was in skeptical whether should join online or offline but after joining i am very happy about it … far i have studied only network which has been segregated into two part one is dc ckt 2nd is ac ckt which has been taught by Pankaj sir and Sohail sir both are excellent in terms of content delivery and making our doubt crystal clear via Facebook group ,this is last but not least trigger notes one of great features i found which completes each and every concept revised &make you as stronger hold as you think on each topic. Never forget about gurukul assessment that is boost your confidence and give you real evaluation where you have to enhance. Overall my journey has been extremely well here ……so far so good…. believe me guys it is one of the authentic platforms for genuine learner (cast effective &excellent content )…..after joining you will not regret at all that is from my side @jeet .

  27. Tushar sonawane

    Network complete kiya hai , pura jan laga rahe hai teachers,content ,trigger notes,live revision,doubt session all are ❤️❤️❤️extraordinary

  28. Jyoti Tomar

    Best Guidance Institute in Gate Industry. Very punctual, knowledgeable, experienced faculties. Studied only one subject till now but have much much confidence. Gurukul is available 24*7. They are bringing different ideas which consists of Daily Charge-up Sessions, Trigger notes, Doubt Sessions and much more.
    MUST JOIN !!!!

  29. Tarkeshwar Kumar Mahto

    As batch name is given.Here every GURU(teachers) behave like their kul means family.
    Till now Network Theory is completed. Pankaj Shukla sir and Sohail Sir taught us very well with trigger notes. Live interaction idea is suberb🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and also doubt clearing idea.
    Thank you Pankaj Shukla Sir and Sohail Sir for your best effort.

  30. Vaishakh Nair

    I’ve never seen such an program, where everything is so systematic. The lectures are amazing both quality wise and quantity wise and the faculties provides support to each individuals.
    Guru trigger notes are one of its kind and is very useful for continuous revision. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone.

  31. Harish Acharya kudure

    Gurukul 500 is the best ever course for gate…… Great work by genique team……. Feeling totally confident about cracking GATE 2023…..Can have blind faith in the content and faculty


    I AM COLLEGE GOING STUDENT.I completed all video of network with proper rivision.l grab good command in network theory thank you for your support (trigger note and guru live mission) and also thank for your team

  33. Tejas Dnyandeo Zimal

    I have never ever seen, online learning platform can be utilized to such extend. I’m part of Gurukul Batch. Every single day you have been allotted with task (Videos & Question Practice PDF), Doubt Session(FB) and Live Interaction session wherein Genique Faculty daily guide you with important mistakes which should not be repeated. After Completion of 1, 2 Chapters a Revision Session and Self Assessment Test is conducted to judge your performance level in exam. Because of such well design routine of Study my Discipline towards goal and Consistency is maintained. Feels very Confident and Self Motivated thank you Sir!!!

  34. Amit Aniket

    Gurukul will not only help crack GATE exam but also teaches discipline in the student’s life.

  35. Md Arif

    Bhai jo bhi padh raha hai comments mera aankh band kar ke gurukul me jion ho jaw …kyu ki hum gurukul ka fayda utha rahe hai …
    Aap ko ek dum ek family jaysa lage ga gurukul is the best …


    Best quality content ….🔥🔥
    Extraordinary effort by the teacher.. 🔥🔥🔥
    And the Gurukul batch is just awesome….❤️🔥🔥
    this is very very helpful for your journey..❤️❤️❤️

  37. Rahul Chakraworty

    Gurukul 500 is best quality education for Gate 👍 and best teachers for gate preparation and the best past is there trigger notes it will very useful for revision for there gate examination.

  38. Harsh bhojak

    Jaisa ki abhi tak hamare gurudevo ne kha tha launching k samay syd unne bhi nhi pta tha ki ye usse jyada bhi exciting hoga …hum baccho k liye
    …. Mtlb kya to dhoye h network theory ko ekdam hulk jaise … Mza hi aagya ….


    Don’t think. Just go For it.. JUST AWESOME. So much confidence just after completing one subject. . words from the heart will be only felt if you purchase this course. Not only one could score good marks but also it make you to develop personally, makes you self discipline. Concept learning and the effort given by all the faculties are wordless. Pankaj sir, sohail sir and chandan Gupta sir are bundle of dedication, patience and Hardwork. If any one want to crack gate then definitely this is the best platform.

  40. Ashish aman

    Real feeling Of gurukul.. content and concept top level.

  41. satyendra.elect

    gurukul is ultimate solution if you really want to perform very well in GATE exam. Blindly join gurukul batch why i am saying blindly join, you will understand after joining GURUKUL . you won’t regret. if you want learn from basic to advance level then definitely join GURUKUL batch.
    GURUKUL Batch is blessing for GATE aspirants by GENIQUE EDUCATION

    Satyendra Kumar
    gurukul batch 2.o

  42. Bhavya Jain

    Gurukul Batch-2 (EE)
    Most hardworking teachers, helping in every possible way, work on new ideas everything and regular follow up right from morning chare up session to night conclusion session. Trigger notes concept is just superb. Unbeatable in the field of GATE. You can perform well in even other exams also.

  43. varadiganesh2000

    If you are thinking about to take course for the GATE exam as a student of GENIQUE I strongly recommend go for it. It is the best you can get for GATE preparation and the price also super affordable. The teaching level is next level. They are super in teaching. Their patience and hardwork for their students is amazing..

  44. gauravmaurya70

    I’m Student of Batch 2 Gurukul EE. It is the best ever Batch in the Gate Industry. All Faculty always Ready to Support and Guide to achieve our Goal. PANKAJ SIR is Next To Next Level 💪💪💪 🔥🔥🔥…. CHANDAN Sir ❤❤Unmatchable Level of In terms of Energy, Dedication, Simplicity and Knowledge. Sir Makes Signal & System Makes so so easy . Sir Always Relate basics with upcoming Topics which makes Simplicity in the Subject. SOHAIL SIR ❤❤ Makes AC Part of Nw Theory Makes Peice Of Cake & Most Humble Teacher I ever Seen.

  45. Brajbhushan Tripathi

    As the name “GURUKUL” suggests ,this batch is the real feeling of gurukul, where students are made feel like family member of the guru, i saw some of rhe lectures from YouTube for power electronics , power system and analog which helped me a lot in my preparation, all my weak concepts were cleared and i was sure that genique content is best and teachers’ explanation is unmatchable in the entire gate industry, if you are from electrical background then dont even think,just go for genique u will thank me later,
    Gurukul batch help us in overcoming our weaknesses like inconsistency,procastination,timely revision. Genique has come up with a great vision of trigger notes, concept booster session which no one else can even think of .so this is the best course for gate #fodenge to hai hi..

  46. Shashi Kant

    GURUKUL BATCH 02 ka student hun..Hmlogo ka Signals and Systems chal raha hain Jo …every single point clear ho raha hain..Behatrin tarike se learning ho rahi h…Padhai ke sath sath motivation ,mind map,Guru Triggers notes,doubt solving,morning chargeup session or vi jo features h … SIR sab ko karwa rahe h…sampurn Samarpan …Achha lag raha h join karke …sabhi Sir best h..No doubt Genique is best for Gate prepration and all.

  47. Hetram gadariya

    Hello everyone! I am a student of gurukul batch 1. Gurukul 500 are superb in gate industry in which First subject network has been completed by pankaj sir🥰 and sohil Ansari sir🥰 with next level. Each and every concept are covered throw video lecture and doubt solving class are provided for doubt solving and morning charge up session are also planed to push you forword to complete your task with full excitement and at the end of the day mind recalling technique are also superb to recall all concept . gurukul 500 are next to next level platform to achieve good rank in gate 2023 exam so I recommend you to join this .it will die your all bad habits because gurukul means DO or DIE.🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. kumarrishabh857

    I just want to say after joining in gurkul batch 2 with geniquee team for gate preparation , a big changes is created inside me , geniquee faculties in my opinion are best faculties in gate industry right now , they always work regoursly hard for student and gurukul is the cheapest and best course in gate industry , just blindly join gurkul if you are targeting for gate 2023/24, you will thank me in end🔥🔥🔥

  49. Priti kumari

    GURUKUL is one of superb 🔥batch in this gate industry.i am very happy and thankful to be part of this extraordinary course❣.bcz of this well designed course my discipline is maintained..geniue faculty,team effort is incomparable🙏🔥❤

  50. Anshuman

    Super course affordable pricing 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥🤩😍😍😍

  51. priyag goyal

    it is the best course in gate industry . and teacher are vary suppotive like and genquie facebook group are very good beause when you ask any genral question you get your answer with in 5 minute.
    thankyou genquie team and all sir.

  52. Iman Roy

    Gurukul is really awesome. The teachers here are really good teaches well, solves doubt ,interacts with students time to time, motivates them . Gurukul has helped me a lit with my time schedule, to focus. The basics are also cleared well.

  53. Vikas kumar

    I am student of gurukul batch 01. After joining this batch, I completed two months with gurukul. I feel that they are focusing each and every things which is related to study . Process of delivering and recalling is one of the best part of gurukul.

  54. Pushpendra Arya

    I am gurukul 500 batch 1 gate aspirant and we completed 2 subjects network and signal till now and in network as well as signal i learnt very deep concepts . The trigger notes session as well as assesment after completing each single topics is the best features of the gurukul 500 ever
    Just no comparison with any other cochings institutes .
    Daily morning chargeup session and task allotment one of the other best features no any other coaching institues provides. After becoming a part of gurukul batch i have more discipline more consistency more confidence . And all this is due to gurukul 500 . All teachers and his dedication towards theirs students incomparable and beyonds words . This is my honest review . 4 amazing things binds all gurukul students Learn , Revise , Recall , Ask (doubt),Eat ,Sleep and this process next day again repeat . This is the routine of gurukul . And finally Superb se bhi uper All gurukul faculites .👌👌👌👌👍👍👍

  55. kumarrishabh857

    I just want to say that after joining in gurkul batch 2 with geniquee team for gate preparation , a big changes is created inside me , geniquee faculties in my opinion are best faculties in gate industry right now , they always work regoursly hard for student and gurukul is the cheapest and best course in gate industry , just blindly join gurkul if you are targeting for gate 2023/24, you will thank me in end🔥🔥🔥 , not only gate you will definitely learn discipline, consistency and how to balance your study along with work, so just join otherwise you will regret

  56. kumarrishabh857

    I am student of gurkul batch 2 just want to say that if you want to get success in gate 2023 /24 just join gurkul 500 , I had seen big changes inside me after joining in gurukul. Faculties are not only working hard for us but also they are teaching us discipline, consistency which is very important in every field of life , daily task allotment is one the important thing of gurukul which keep us in loop which is necessary for gate preparation. So be a part of gurkul 500 , you all will thank me in the end🔥🔥.

  57. Saurabh gupta

    Awesome content and they put their 100percnt effort from their end. Nd even i don’t need to make short note bcoz of trigger notes… daily live interaction in morning. And instant doubt solve.. thnxx genique.. this side saurabh gupta batch_ 02 EE branch.

  58. Anju kumari

    Gurukul batch ke bare me jitna kaha jaye kam hai mai to bas itna hi kahna chahti yah bhut achhi place hai kuch karne ke liye


    I am AKASH SIRRA one of GURUKUL WARRIOR FROM BATCH 2 ELECTRICAL BRANCH. according to me be part of gurukul us the best decision as a dropper before i took coaching but now i feel more confident in signal as signal is the first subject. my thought process changes how to handle questions . CHANDAN SIR IS BEST .DURING THIS PERIOD HE GOT SICKNEES THEN ALSO HE COME TO TAKE CLASSES WITH FULL ENERGY AND MOTIVATE US . I AM SHOCKED BY HIS DEDICATION, HARDWORK.

  60. Iman Roy

    Simply awesome

  61. Aryan Kumar

    Best platform for the gate preparation

  62. Ashish Singhal

    Best content with everything possible is given at this low price


    ❤️❤️❤️Gurukul-500 course in the best course design for those who really serious about preparation for gate exam.



  66. Anonymous

    100/100 marks from my side, Genique Education Teachers, are my motivation. Whenever i feel demotivated, I start thinking of genique teachers, & their words.

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